One of the most frequent reasons women are reluctant to walk into a fitness room is the classic idea that, if they do lift weights, their body will turn into a manly body.

This is a frequent misconception among women who take their first steps in the world of fitness. Take a look at all of Hollywood’s best-known artists and celebrities, all of whom have envied bodies. They all use dumbbells in their training routines with their personal trainer.

For instance, do you think that Beyoncé and Halle Berry have manly bodies?

Beyoncé past 30 Halle Berry past 40

In order to have tight legs, firm buttocks and a flat tummy, as well as to prevent sagginess on the backs of the upper arms, it is necessary to stimulate all those muscle groups.

We have to take into consideration it is genetically harder for women to increase their muscle mass rather than for men. This is due to, among other reasons, the fact that women have lower levels of testosterone than men.

Therefore, women who would like to gain a lot of muscle mass should follow specific hypertrophy training, combined with a strict diet aimed at increasing muscle mass.

The specific training that would best suit women that want to lose body fat and get well defined muscles, but without substantially increasing their volume, is a type of workout based on low loads (little weight) and high number of repetitions, in order to force the muscles to have the highest caloric output possible, and therefore, to be able to burn away the maximum amount of fat.

Besides, doing exercises that involve several muscular groups in the same exercise will boost the caloric expenditure.

It is also important to do intensively stretching, gradually increasing the working time and decreasing the breaks.

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