What is Aran’s Method?

  1. Free initial meeting to assess your starting point, physical and dietary habits, pathology and the best way to reach your goals by integrating the Aran’s Method.
  2. Measurements taken with TANITA professional scales, to know the % of muscle, % of water, % of body fat for each body segment.
  3. 1-hour workouts tailored to your personal goals and needs.
  4. Delivery of a nutritional guideline to acquire healthy eating habits.
  5. Training routine if I consider it necessary to train on days when we do not have a session.
  6. Implementation of a HABIT TRACKER, where during 90 days you will write down daily the activities that were planned and those that you have carried out, with the objective of acquiring those healthy habits.


  1. Periodic measurements on TANITA scales to analyze your progress and evaluate if it is necessary to readjust certain aspects.
  2. Professional communication to follow your progress through SLACK, where different communication channels will be established so that you can add your day to day, these channels are:
  • Habit tracker: Where you will be marking for 90 days in a table the different activities that you are doing both training and eating and healthy habits.
  • Training: Where you will share possible doubts of your daily training, as well as photographs of the days you train on your own in order to reinforce the habit.
  • Nutrition: Where you will share possible doubts about your daily diet, as well as photographs of your dishes to reinforce healthy habits.
  • Results of TANITA measurements.
  1. Periodic review of the training routine.

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